Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Here is what my DH and I "tackled"----our basement...dun dun dun--lol
I didn't take before pictures-sorry. We actually got going on it and I was NOT about to stop to go get the camera!! Ok, these were actually wine racks-yes, I said wine racks. We bought this house off of a relative and they made their own wine--? Uh, anyway--we do NOT drink. So, needless to say this was all a waste of space, so a couple of years ago my DH went down there and tore out the "dividers" so we could use the space for storage. And we have been..but for anything and everything--come on, you know how it is..the basement is the catch all for everything! So, I had said that we really needed to go thru some things in the basement--especially the shelves to make space for our "stock pile"--now granted I don't have too much of a stock pile yet-but I am working on it--give me a chance, I just got going on all this stuff not too long ago and I'm still learning! I have high hopes and ambitions though! So, we will now have a good amount of space to use for the stock pile as I build it--woohoo!!

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Linda said...

Great tackle. Stock-piling is always a good idea.