Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's been a loong time

Well, It has been a loonnngg time since I have been able to post anything. There has been quite a bit that has been going on in our lives and needless to say it has threw any type of routine out the window! My 87 year old grandmother had to be rushed to the hospital 3-4 Sundays ago, our Sunday School class was just starting and my cell phone was going nuts with texts and phone calls all at the same time. She had to spend the week in the hospital and has been weak and so forth until just the past week since getting home. They can't seem to figure out what is exactly the problem, but she is having quite a bit of stomach problems--pain and sick at her stomach. And her blood count shows that she is losing blood somewhere. They have done test after test and can't seem to figure out where she is losing blood. She has to go this coming week to talk to a surgeon about possible exploratory surgery, but she will have to also talk with the heart doctor to see if surgery is even a possibility. the same time our youngest has been going thru all kinds of tests also, he is showing some certain symptoms but nothing has definitely shown up, we just had another scan late yesterday afternoon, which could or with God's help NOT indicate a couple of serious things. I am really trying to pray and believe and trust in God for my son's health in this. All prayers are really appreciated!! So, I'm going to try to get back into some type of routine and get back to this blogging business in between all these things still going on--who knows maybe it will help to give some type of routine or normalcy, if there is such a thing!!