Friday, November 14, 2008

Frugal Friday

Need charged up?? We did! A new battery that is!
The battery on my Jeep Grand Cherokee has decided in the last 2-3 weeks that it has had enough. So, we-mainly my DH, started looking around comparing prices on new batteries. I evidently am rubbing off on him, because he would look & compare prices while we would be in Wal-mart, etc and he "investigated" online quite a bit too, trying to find a good deal--and he DID! At least we think so. The average we were finding everywhere was $75-80, of course that depends on the "size" you want, etc Well, he found one on sale at Rural King for $45 for a 650cold cranking amp battery, my dad thought that we should get a bigger one than that, but it sits inside the garage and that is the size that is in it now and it has lasted for QUITE a while, so my DH went to pick up a new battery on his lunch hour. Anyway, that is almost half cheaper than the prices he was seeing everywhere else, so just by taking some time and doing some research we have saved $35-40!!! YEAH!!!

Thank the Lord for his help to find "frugal finds" and helping to stretch our money.